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"Together, we can break the trance imposed by the mass media and reveal the true story about what really happened on 9/11."

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Starting At Home

The most important first step you can do is: Get personal support by finding at least one other person you can talk to and agree with about the 9/11 cover-up.

Then you two find two more. This can cause a positive chain reaction. 

Next, find, collect and present to your fellow citizens the wealth of 9/11 truth information that has emerged in the last three years. The quality of material we have today is amazing and we maintain an up-to-the-minute stock of all the best resources that are available, so you can have one source from which to order all you need. Yes, this costs you money, but that money does so many good things. 

It deprives the New World Order and supports a community that believes a much better world is possible and is working flat out to build it. It equips you with what you need for your efforts and keeps this magazine alive. 

The most potent instrument you can use to fight for our freedom right now is your own passionate conviction to persuade others: � educate, educate, educate. 

Darkness has but one enemy, light. You can be the light. Let it shine!


Things You Can Do to Make a Difference:
  1. Ask yourself: "Who can I get to agree with me on 9/11?" Arrange a get-together.

  2. Become an expert on one aspect of 9/11 and then educate others about it. (e.g. WTC 7)

  3. Educate family and friends with links/articles/news about the truth of 9/11.

  4. Get extra copies of our books for friends and fence sitters. 

  5. Invite your friends to a get-together to discuss the crimes and consequences of 9/11.

  6. Join a 9/11visibility action group and meet with others at local coffee shops. Web Links Click Here

  7. Meet with your politicians and lobby them with your 9/11 concerns.

  8. Pick up and read The 9/11 Commission Report. Expose all of its inconsistencies.

  9. Quietly help persuade the 9/11 fence sitters to get off the fence and join our efforts.

  10. Take time to sign Petitions of Solidarity

  11. Undertake to phone or contact your local media about this issue.

  12. Vote on 9/11

  13. Write a book review and submit it for publication in your area.

  14. Zip on over to your local librarians and ask them to stock Global Outlook books and back issues.


Never doubt what a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can do to make a difference. Indeed it is the only thing that can.
- Margaret Mead -

There is an alternative ... the truth

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